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As we build up this blog together, we have been periodically researching who else is telling their stories online.  We are refreshed to see more people telling their stories (links to come in good time).  I still haven’t found any spouses in my shoes telling their stories in depth.  What I did find was this, a site dedicated to straight spouses of LGBTQ spouses, primarily providing support for those who have been betrayed.

I have to say, I am deeply grieved to read so many stories of heartbreak.

And I am thankful that to this point, that is not my story to tell.

I was the first friend David ‘came out’ to in college.  Years later when we took some time to pray over whether to begin a relationship or not, I knew (in concept, if not in all the practical details) what I was getting into.  As things got more serious he begged me to count the cost of marrying him, which I have, and periodically, still do.

You aren’t perfect, Babe, but you’ve always been honest with me.  So thank you.


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