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tea time

my husband just brought me some ginger tea i didn’t even ask for as i sit here, typing away.  i feel loved.

i’m not really a tea person, so this is the first un-asked for tea he’s brought me in years.  he was making some for himself and our slightly sick son.  He decided to include me in the mix.  did i mention i feel loved?

and i remember another day, as a senior in college, returning to my dorm room to find a note from him along with a jar of Korean tea.  We had passed by each other somewhere on campus and he noticed I was sick.  We were good friends, but quite busy with lives of our own, so the fact that he thought of me, bought me tea, and hand-delivered it to my dorm room meant a lot.  And the sorrow that accompanied it because I missed the chance to thank him personally (and maybe catch up on life a bit over a cup of tea) was palpable, even then, when I had zero conscious desire to spend my life with him.

to everything there is a season.

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