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Hi all, Jenny here. It’s been a loooong time since I have posted anything here. I actually have a LOT to say but have been ridiculously busy in other projects for the time being, but I am believing for a time to come maybe in the next year or so when I can devote to writing substantially here.

Recently we have been ‘coming out’ more publicly to larger circles of people, including friends and strangers. We are wondering if Daddy may be leading us to go 100% public in the near future.

I remember writing a post back in 2011 about feeling suddenly insecure after sharing our story with friends. But in recent interactions with new friends who are just learning our story, I realize I have not a shred of insecurity about our story now.

We love each other more than ever before, and I don’t really care what others may think of us based on anything they see on the outside. We are as free to be short or distant with each other in public as we are to be affectionate. Neither public display makes us more or less legitimate, regardless of what others may think.

I love the inner comfort and security we get to enjoy as we begin growing older together.

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