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Across the hottest desert

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“Send the winds of refreshing
God, send Your Spirit
Send the winds of refreshing
God, send Your glory down”

My favorite lines from Jaye Thomas’ worship song For Your Glory.

The words I can’t relate to?  Singing to God:

“I’ll cross the hottest desert, I’ll travel near or far” “to be where you are.”

I prefer to think about God crossing the lines between heaven and earth to be with ME, then me suffering to be with HIM.

Anyway, as I was meditating on this lyric, it suddenly occurred to me that this is precisely what David did when he chose me, or rather, chose away from pursuing homosexuality as his identity.

I was not his original object of affection.

God was.

And reading the mixed orientation marriage blogs I started picking up again, I realize that if it didn’t start with God, I really don’t think we would still be here today as a well-grounded, loving married couple.

Now I think across the last several years of our marriage, and I remember the deserts.  We are still not completely out, though we are currently in an oasis of sorts.  If not for God’s support and even supernatural interventions, I would have left years ago when the “desert” got a little too hot and dry for me to stay.

Today, I’m thankful we do not live by our natural ‘orientation’ or feelings alone.  Aligning with our Maker helps my orientation be to give of ourselves and find LIFE on the other side.


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