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From Sam-wise to Aragorn

When the LOTR films were popular, a common questions asked girls and women was “Aragorn or Legolas?” meaning which one was more attractive to you?

I scoffed at the question, because I didn’t like either of them. My favorite character was Sam, the ever-encouraging, ever-persevering, inspring-when-you-need-it servant and friend.

I’ll cut to the chase. I liked Sam because he is non-threatening. He didn’t have an aggressive bone in his body, and I’ve always felt threatened (at least subconsciously) by aggressive men. He wasn’t weak, but he was not aggressive, and I loved it.

And honestly, the reasons I liked Sam are the same reasons I liked David. Non-threatening. Good listener. Really cares. Sensitive. Serving. Gentle. Happy to meet my needs before his own.

All of these things are wonderful characteristics, but paired with my controlling, always-have-to-get-it-my-way self-centeredness, there was a rather hard-to-miss power dynamic at play here. An extreme way to put it would be: I chose to be with David so I could retain power in my marriage. To put it another extreme way would be to say I wanted David to be my man-pet (existing just to please me) rather than my man-husband/ protector/ leader (who I am called to support, empower and walk alongside).

Well, God loved us too much to let this pathetic young couple continue this dynamic till death do us part!

To make a long story short, he is transforming my Sam-wise husband into an Aragorn, from servant to servant leader, from behind-the-scenes helper to frontlines warrior, from being completely non-threatening to ushering in the kingdom with force.

And as I released my husband to find his destiny, walking my own journey of relinquishing control, finding ultimate love and acceptance from Jesus lover of my soul, I am finding out that God has more in store for me than just walking the lonely desert I was on for the rest of my life.

As Sam-wise becomes Aragorn, I am simultaneously growing into Arwen, his strong and beautiful queen. My natural strength which I used to step all over my husband is being transformed into redeemed and repurposed strength, fighting common enemies alongside my husband king, and together looking outward to build up the kingdom for the good of all.

So my question for you, should you find yourself in a similar situation, is this:

Are you ready to let God transform you from your husband’s mother into his queen? Are you ready to walk in spiritual authority, in the fullness of who you are and will be, and like Jesus, choosing humility and coming TO serve and not to BE served?

photo from andy z